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“I won’t do anything unless God approves” – Israel Folau

Following on from the controversies this week over his post on social media regarding people he declared were ‘going to hell’, Israel Folau has doubled down on his statements despite his career hanging in the balance. Folau has been quoted as saying he will give up rugby “if that is what God wants” and that he believes God is in control of all things. Now, an insider close to the man is saying that Folau is ready to hand his life completely over to the Lord God. “He has truly… Read More

“Far-right” supporters deemed dangerous and violent; ideology to be outlawed

It has been an interesting week for supporters of free speech, and in particular people who identify with or support “far-right” ideologies. First, divisive pair Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux had their booking at a Council-owned venue, where they had planned to speak, cancelled. Auckland May Phil Goff received widespread criticism for his unrepentant condemnation of the pair’s opinions and emphasised that they would not be given a platform in any Council-owned or managed venues. On the back of this rejection, Southern was denied an automatic entry visa┬áto New Zealand… Read More

“There is no such thing as free speech” School bans speeches; only approved topics allowed

The Board of Trustees of a high school in New Zealand has issued a new mandate banning the educational facility from allowing students to present or listen to speeches on any topic while on school grounds, unless it is one of the approved topics set by the board and has been presented to them in a private meeting in its entirety beforehand. The shock decision by the board, which came about after a unanimous vote, follows the fallout another school faced when they banned a student from speaking about mental… Read More