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1080 opponents to DoC: children aren’t pests!

In the wake of the story this afternoon that a plane has dropped an unknown substance on a school, making many children ill, some 1080 opponents are convinced there was a more sinister agenda afoot. Members of the anti-1080 group 1080 eyewitness have this afternoon been speculating that the cause of the children’s illness was a deliberate attack and that the substance may have contained 1080 poison. “Its started, in the killing fields of nz..only incidents like these will make govt wake up” lamented one member. “Scunitise [sic] their lies…. Read More

Jacinda Ardern gives birth to twins

Reports have come in that Jacinda Ardern has given birth to twins – a boy and a girl – late this morning at an unnamed private facility, after a 32 hour labour. Previous scans had not picked up the second baby nor had a seperate heartbeat been detected at any time. This is a rare occurrence today, but has been known to manifest even with regular pre-natal monitoring and care. A nurse who was present at a facility has spoken to us in secret, asking to be referred to using… Read More