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Riding a Lime scooter? Watch out for Parking Wardens

Chances are you have ridden a Lime scooter, particularly if you live in or have visited one of the cities where they operate. But have you ever given any thought to where you left it once you were done? Rumours are emerging that Councils in parts of the country where Lime scooters operate may consider regulating their use under parking management bylaws. Councils use parking bylaws to determine which activities can be carried out in a particular area. The bylaws cover matters such as where you can park and for… Read More

Drone enthusiasts interrupt prestigious exhibition, competitors and spectators retaliate

Competitors and spectators at the annual Golden Fleece event, held in Wanaka during the region’s A&P show last weekend, have said “get stuffed” to drone enthusiasts. It has come to this author’s attention that on the second day of the much-loved annual exhibition – which sees wool growers from around the country show off the finest coats their sheep have to offer – the event was rudely interrupted by an unruly mob of an entirely different kind. It has been reported that the first sign of trouble was a loud… Read More