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“Part of an underground fight club” real reason behind Hillcrest incident revealed

An insider claims the brawl outside the Hillcrest Branch of The Warehouse last Saturday was ‘legit’ and those involved are part of an underground fight club. An onlooker filmed part of the incident and uploaded it to social media. Since then, debate has raged over whether the reaction – allegedly due to a shoplifting attempt – was justified. In the wake of a second onlooker coming forward to defend the actions of the staff, Rob P* has spoken out to tell us the real story. “There’s this fight club that… Read More

Countdown shelf stackers putting long life milk to the test

How much of a life does long life milk really have? Shelf stackers at Countdown Moorehouse Ave have been defying the best before dates on Meadow Fresh long life milk. The discrepancy was first noticed at the end of July by Koku Ryu, who posted on the Countdown facebook page: “Come on guys, this milk expired almost a month ago for some of it.” The admin for the supermarket’s page responded asking which branch it was so that the store manager could be advised and the issue rectified, and Mr… Read More