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Insider confirms there was no glitch during the DWTS voting period, “It was rigged to get rid of David”

Following the revelation that many viewers of the semi-final episode received texts last night claiming their submissions were invalid despite the voting period still being open, Mediaworks has today claimed it was a glitch resulting from a surge of votes which clogged the system. However, in an exclusive interview given to us by an insider working on the technical aspects of the popular show, the reality was not a glitch at all but really an attempt to see the high-profile polititian eliminated before the end game. “It was revenge,” the… Read More

Jacinda Ardern gives birth to twins

Reports have come in that Jacinda Ardern has given birth to twins – a boy and a girl – late this morning at an unnamed private facility, after a 32 hour labour. Previous scans had not picked up the second baby nor had a seperate heartbeat been detected at any time. This is a rare occurrence today, but has been known to manifest even with regular pre-natal monitoring and care. A nurse who was present at a facility has spoken to us in secret, asking to be referred to using… Read More

Extreme sports to be banned or heavily restricted under new Bill

A Bill proposing the banning of or heavy restrictions on all forms of extreme or high-risk sports is set to be submitted to Parliament this week which stands to impact many sports which New Zealanders currently enjoy. High up on the banned list includes rock climbing and abseiling, base jumping, hang-gliding, and hunting; while all forms of motorsport, skiing/snowboarding, boxing, competitive martial arts, tramping and most ball sports will face tight restrictions. The Bill is the brainchild of Anne Tolley, who has previously held a range of high-level portfolios including… Read More