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“NIMBY is as bad as the N word” – NIMBYs

NIMBY types around the country are rallying for a new cause – having the word NIMBY reclassified as an offensive slur. “It’s making us look bad,” one man claimed. “We have the right to try block people from doing things we don’t like.” NIMBY is an acronym which translates to Not In My Back Yard, and is used to describe an individual or group who opposes an activity purely on the basis that it is happening near them. NIMBYs have been particularly active in New Zealand of late, opposing a… Read More

Napier man top contender for Deadbeat Dad award

A Napier man who made a public post on Facebook bragging about his novel approach to discipline is a top nominee for the title of Deadbeat Dad of the year. Damian Belcher became upset when he found out his teenage daughter had left the property without his knowledge or permission and stayed out all night with a male companion, returning early the following morning. He later confronted her about the issue and was further aggrieved by her response, which he described in his public post as an ” ‘I don’t… Read More