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“Just trying to make people laugh”, Stuff explains

“Trustworthy, reliable and accurate news stories are more important now than ever…” So says Stuff – but do their claims measure up to their content? The news giant, like almost all other information media outlets, finds itself struggling to stay afloat and remain relevant in these turbulent times. Some, such as Bauer, elected to let themselves sink rather than fight to keep their heads above water. Stuff, however, is made of sterner… well, stuff. With the reality of their situation becoming increasingly dire, the powers that be decided they would… Read More

Stuff News launches new “Seek and Destroy” Squad

Stuff news, in an unprecedented act of gutter journalism, has launched a new form of reporting today. The Seek and Destroy Squad aims to ‘name and shame’ persons who are not yet suspected of any criminal activity, in an attempt to stir up hostility against the named person. The goals of the squad resemble a vigilante approach, where a target is selected and subjected to ‘street justice’ rather than going through due process. An article on the house explosion that occurred in Christchurch on Friday, published this morning, targeted a… Read More