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Coronavirus: Mobs forming to ‘deal with’ outbreak

Coronavirus infections are on the rise around the world, and New Zealand is joining other countries in forming organised mobs. A call to action is going viral online, stating that “healthy people need to pull together to stop the spread of coronavirus.” “We need to gather as many resources as possible. Raid the supermarkets. The end is nigh,” said one New Zealand-based prepper. “If anyone gets in your way or takes what you reach for, knock the fucker out. Survival of the fittest.” In addition to this advice, mob organisers… Read More

Youths ready to take on Baby Boomers in ‘heaviest drinkers’ stoush

Youths of New Zealand, it’s time for an uprising. Take the power, and the booze, back. A secret Facebook group has been created to prevent Baby Boomers from usurping the title of “biggest drinkers” from New Zealand’s young people. An article published yesterday caused an uproar when it was suggested Baby Boomers are more likely to engage in harmful drinking behaviors than youths. Baby Boomers is the term given to people born between 1946 and 1964. By comparison, today’s youth would be Generation Z, born between the late 1990s and… Read More

Vape liquid caused the loss of my penis, says New Zealand man

Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular activity but some argue it may also be hazardous to your health, with many opponents calling for the devices and accessories to be regulated in much the same way as cigarettes, particularly the e-liquids. Warnings emerged recently about a vape liquid, made by a Chinese company, which contains erection drugs in the ingredients. The report stated that involuntary erections could last up to two days. Since the news went public, horror stories from unwitting vape fans have continued to grow. It seems the problem is widespread, and… Read More

Countdown shelf stackers putting long life milk to the test

How much of a life does long life milk really have? Shelf stackers at Countdown Moorehouse Ave have been defying the best before dates on Meadow Fresh long life milk. The discrepancy was first noticed at the end of July by Koku Ryu, who posted on the Countdown facebook page: “Come on guys, this milk expired almost a month ago for some of it.” The admin for the supermarket’s page responded asking which branch it was so that the store manager could be advised and the issue rectified, and Mr… Read More

Smoking to be banned in all public spaces throughout New Zealand

In a controversial move, all Councils around the country have agreed to enforce policies similar to that of Christchurch’s smokefree public places policy and ban smoking in all public spaces – not just those which are outdoor dining spaces attached to eating establishments. The landmark decision is yet to be finalised and likely to be implemented by September 2019, but indications are that the only places smokers will be only be able to light up on their own properties and in designated smoking areas. The policy will no longer be a voluntary option… Read More