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Plastic bag thefts on the rise from supermarkets as ban looms

With the hotly debated plastic bag ban fast approaching, Countdown supermarkets across New Zealand are reporting a sharp rise in thefts at the checkouts. This week, the supermarket giant announced their plans to implement a mass cull of the shopping staple within a fortnight, across sixty-seven stores, with the Final Countdown ending on October 8. All South Island branches as well as a handful in the North Island will no longer supply plastic bags after this date. However, immediately after the announcement went live, supermarket staff across many branches began… Read More

Fears possums may be immune to 1080, developing mutations

Fears are emerging that 1080 poison is not only ineffective against possums, but may in fact be causing mutations. Hunting enthusiast and keen bushman Don Bilivmi has been travelling the country, monitoring possum behaviour and populations following 1080 drops. “The pro-poisoners keep claiming that 1080 reduces possum populations where they drop but you can’t trust their data, so I’ve been conducting my own research.” explains Mr Bilivmi. “Not only are they not actually dying, but they appear to be becoming more aggressive, growing larger, and their features are changing.” he… Read More