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Cleanliness is next to Godliness, says meth dealer

A man recently convicted of manufacturing meth for supply has given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘money laundering’. Aussie drongo Alan Tran was caught with multiple pellets full of meth, and was sentenced recently in the Auckland District Court. When a house in South Auckland was raided by police, they found a cache of cash hidden inside a dishwasher. When asked why he thought that would be a good place to hide his ill-gotten funds, Tran said, “Well, mate, ya know. I had to launder it, like, and… Read More

“We are the E-Scooter Gnomes” – Towing company

A towing company has been outed as uplifting Lime scooters and bikes from Auckland’s streets and demanding a ransom of two hundred dollars for their return, according to Newshub. The Stuffed Herald has undertaken an investigation in order to discover the real reason e-transport devices are being snatched from the streets, and to many New Zealanders, the answer may not come as a surprise . In Newshub’s article, Auckland Towing claims that they are taking the electric scooters and bikes at the behest of “their clients” and that the uplifts… Read More

Clamper boss gets clamped: The shoe is on the other tyre

The owner of cowboy operation Elite Services, known for their ruthless clamping of the elderly, the grieving, and anyone stopped for a little over 120 seconds; and the superhuman speed of their employees in applying the torturous devices, has in a surprising twist of fate had all four of his wheels clamped by persons unknown outside his lavish home in Auckland for parking over his own driveway. It would seem that the tables have been turned on the parking management mogul, perhaps in retaliation for his latest comments. In an… Read More