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“I’m the real victim here!” – Geoff speaks out

Geoff Booth has become a sensation (and not in a good way) after he singled out a man with a tā moko and referred to him as a member of the Mongrel Mob. Hailing from Waitaki, Booth made a post on Twitter under the account name GeoffsNZViews, claiming that “Mongrel Mob criminals” were at a recent protest in Auckland. He chose to share an image which prominently featured Auckland man Kia Kanuta alongside the controversial tweet. In the face of the backlash, Booth has retreated, making his twitter profile private…. Read More

Militant Vegan demands justice for baby opossum

A militant vegan is outraged at footage released by the University of Michigan which shows a giant tarantula devouring a small opossum in the Peruvian Jungle. Researchers were excited by the find and documented the encounter as part of their ongoing research into the wide variety of species living in the famous jungle. Seeing a spider capture and eat a similarly-sized animal is rare, said one of the researchers. An article discussing the event was published in the scholarly journal Amphibian and Reptile conservation. Backlash on twitter Although researchers were… Read More

Fuel companies undermining protest movement, claims whistleblower

In the wake of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s about-face regarding fuel prices on Monday, claims have emerged that fuel companies are resorting to spreading dissent in order to counter opposition to continued price hikes. Ardern came out swinging this week, putting the blame on fuel companies for skyrocketing prices and accusing them of ‘fleecing’ New Zealanders at the pump. This announcement came as a surprise to some, given her assertion last week that the rapidly rising prices wouldn’t hurt New Zealanders much because the Government was giving them an average… Read More

Z service stations will trespass anyone not buying fuel in wake of increasing unrest

Z service stations reportedly plan to deal with protest action by trespassing any person who enters or stands near a forecourt but does not buy fuel. On Friday night, a group of peaceful protesters in vehicles entered a Z service station in Christchurch, and parked in and around the forecourt. One of our heralds was there to witness the chain of events. “They planned to just chill and make their voices heard by being there as a united group. They weren’t being loud, rude or threatening. But all of a… Read More

Fears possums may be immune to 1080, developing mutations

Fears are emerging that 1080 poison is not only ineffective against possums, but may in fact be causing mutations. Hunting enthusiast and keen bushman Don Bilivmi has been travelling the country, monitoring possum behaviour and populations following 1080 drops. “The pro-poisoners keep claiming that 1080 reduces possum populations where they drop but you can’t trust their data, so I’ve been conducting my own research.” explains Mr Bilivmi. “Not only are they not actually dying, but they appear to be becoming more aggressive, growing larger, and their features are changing.” he… Read More

“Shoot down the helicopters!” ‘Ban 1080’ activists vow to take extreme action

In a bold move on Facebook recently, several Ban 1080 activists have declared war on helicopters dropping the bait, asserting they will shoot down any they see. A photo shared publicly on the social media platform shows three men standing beside a small and badly-printed sign which reads, “To DOC NZ any helicopter observed poisoning this forest will be shot down. Tangatawhenua”. A four-wheel drive can be observed behind them. The comments below show support for the action, with several people asking to share the post further. Other comments included: “Tuff cuzzi!!!Shoot… Read More