Coronavirus infections are on the rise around the world, and New Zealand is joining other countries in forming organised mobs.

A call to action is going viral online, stating that “healthy people need to pull together to stop the spread of coronavirus.”

“We need to gather as many resources as possible. Raid the supermarkets. The end is nigh,” said one New Zealand-based prepper.

“If anyone gets in your way or takes what you reach for, knock the fucker out. Survival of the fittest.”

In addition to this advice, mob organisers are encouraging healthy people to track down and eradicate pockets of infection.

Our Herald spoke to one prepper, who asked not to be named as he “doesn’t trust the government”.

“We need to follow in the footsteps of Plauge, Inc,” he said.

“When the disease outbreak starts spreading, countries execute infected people. We need to be doing that instead of just isolating them.”

When asked why he was taking advice from a simulation, he shrugged and said, “it’s a realistic game.”

This attitude comes in the wake of the reaction to the first confirmed cases of coronavirus in New Zealand.

Three cases have now been identified.

Coronavirus is dividing the country.

The second person confirmed as having coronavirus is in self-isolation with her family, as advised by the Ministry of Health.

However, they have been the targets of sustained vitriolic attacks online by hysterical citizens.

“Stop panicking, you muppets.”

A scientist has spoken out against the ‘moral panic‘ currently infecting New Zealand and much of the world.

Her message to people, paraphrased, is to stop being such fucking idiots and calm the fuck down.

“Blindly panicking muppets who hoard resources and attack anyone who so much as sniffs are the real danger.

Compared to human stupidity, coronavirus is a cute little kitten.”

She strongly suggests not joining a mob, as this will spread the infection of dumbfuckery.

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