NIMBY types around the country are rallying for a new cause – having the word NIMBY reclassified as an offensive slur.

“It’s making us look bad,” one man claimed. “We have the right to try block people from doing things we don’t like.”

NIMBY is an acronym which translates to Not In My Back Yard, and is used to describe an individual or group who opposes an activity purely on the basis that it is happening near them.

NIMBYs have been particularly active in New Zealand of late, opposing a funeral home, a memorial to the victims of the Erebus disaster, and a generous kebab shop owner who is feeding the homeless on Sunday evenings.

Anne Coney and Jo Malcolm (left) insist they aren’t NIMBYs, despite complaining an Erebus memorial will make them sad when they want to hit the wine bottle in their local park; While the Glen Eden Business Association doesn’t like Zuhaib Bangash (right) feeding the homeless on Sunday night, claiming the selfless action will negatively effect their (closed) businesses.
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Now NIMBYs everywhere are sick of the word NIMBY, and want to have it blacklisted.

Around the country, NIMBY groups are supporting each other in their bid to eradicate the word.

Our Herald spoke to a small group who were protesting something happening in a wealthy suburb, although their demands weren’t clear.

“It used to be acceptable to call coloured people n*****s, and now it isn’t,” said a local woman holding a ‘no’ sign. “We believe in this day and age, the word NIMBY is just as offensive.”

“We are protecting our children, our communities and ourselves from the undesirables,” another man said.

“It’s those liberals, they’re ruining the country with their talk of respecting the dead and helping the less fortunate and all that rot.” added a third.

“We’ll keep pushing it until we get our way… or until they try and introduce something else we don’t like in our space,” the woman holding the sign told our Herald.

It is unclear how the NIMBY crowd plan to stop people from using the word NIMBY, although we can safely assume signs, chants and complaining to local and central Government will be on the cards.

Watch out, New Zealand. The NIMBYs are coming for you.

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