A Napier man who made a public post on Facebook bragging about his novel approach to discipline is a top nominee for the title of Deadbeat Dad of the year.

Damian Belcher became upset when he found out his teenage daughter had left the property without his knowledge or permission and stayed out all night with a male companion, returning early the following morning.

He later confronted her about the issue and was further aggrieved by her response, which he described in his public post as an ” ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude”.

“I paid for her data so she wouldn’t be bord [sic] out here on the farm and she took advantage of that and got a guy to pick her up”, he ranted on Facebook.

“…I dealt with it farm styles and took back the topup I bought her with interest.”

The photo Mr Belcher posted showed him proudly holding a cellphone riddled with bullet holes.

The post ended with, “Show respect to your fuckin’ dad!”

This post quickly went viral, but may not have received the reaction Mr Belcher expected

It would appear “farm styles” means using cellphones as target practice, using live rounds.

Mr Belcher could be forgiven for his grouping, which isn’t terrible but may be an indication he’s unlikely to be the next Harvey Lee Oswald – no doubt the young man who collected his daughter will be relieved at this.

Social media backlash

This morning, the public post had 9.5k reactions, 2.9k shares and 17k comments.

The reactions, shares and comments as of Tuesday morning

The majority of the comments were critical of Mr Belcher’s actions.

Followers of the post mocked the father relentlessly, criticised his parenting skills, and questioned his mental stability.

However, some commenters were in support of using a firearm to dole out punishment to wayward children.

A woman stating she was Mr Belcher’s ex and the mother of the child in question was quick to correct commenters who assumed Mr Belcher paid for the cellphone.

She also alleged Mr Belcher rarely contributed any time or finances to the raising of his children.

The viral post mysteriously disappeared earlier today, meaning followers have had to resort to continuing the debate on Mr Belcher’s other public posts.

Likely to take out “Deadbeat Dad of the year” title

The title of “Deadbeat Dad of the year” is a dubious honour, with strong contenders annually.

However, The Stuffed Herald has been told by a betting insider that agencies such as the TAB as listing Mr Belcher as a ‘sure thing’ in this year’s race.

Experts have predicted the competition will be particularly stiff this year with the introduction of this dark horse.

“Most of our runners do things like piss away all their money and don’t pay child support, rip off their kids’ bank accounts, don’t spend quality time with them, that kind of thing,” said our insider.

“But shooting your child’s phone that you didn’t even buy them, then skiting on Facebook about it, is a whole new level of gameplay we rarely see.”

“He’ll be hard to beat, for sure.”

Mr Belcher has thus far been silent on the subject of his favourable odds in the competition and how he got there.

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  1. William April 7, 2020, 8:21 AM at 8:21 AM

    Know the full story before u judge. they live in the middle of nowhere outside of toupo a boy traveled from tokoroa to pick the daughter up then disappeared till the early hours of the morning.no1 knew where, when,and how


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