A prominent psychic, Elemental Annie, claimed tonight that she has spoken to God, and Israel Folau is not in His good books.

The embattled ex-rugby player was sacked last month, after doubling down on comments he made on Twitter which attacked transgender and gay members of the community.

Folau had previously been warned about making controversial comments while under contract with Rugby Australia, but ignored them, citing his religious beliefs.

Now, the former Warratahs player is planning to take legal action against Rugby Australia, claiming discrimination on religious grounds.

He is asking for three million dollars and so far has raised just over $300,000 since the page went live two days ago.

Tonight, Elemental Annie revealed in a Facebook post that she had “spoken to the being who calls himself God”, and that he was “very, very angry”.

“… Mr Folau is committing the grave sin of Greed which is one of the seven deadly sins, and he is also committing the sin of arrogance”, she said.

Annie also claimed that God was “especially angry” that Folau did not seek his guidance prior to requesting donations from the community.

Previously, Folau claimed that he was going to consult God prior to making any decisions.

It would seem that Folau did not uphold his promise to consult the higher power he follows prior to beginning his crowdfunding campaign.

“Please send your thoughts and prayers to Mr Folau but not your money, because this will make God angry,” Annie implored.

Reactions to Folau’s requests for money have been mixed, with many people opposed to this move.

Feedback indicates that the former sports star, who was previously earning a high salary as a professional sports player, should have the means to fund his own legal action.

What consequences, if any, that may follow Folau’s money drive remain to be seen.

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