Following the controversial outlawing of abortion in Alabama, officials are under pressure to even the playing field.

Pro-choice advocates have argued that if a foetus may not be squandered, then men’s sperm should be treated equally worthy of control.

“Each individual sperm has the potential to fertilise an egg, to create life,” argues Don Ta’Come, speaking to The Stuffed Herald.

“Spilling sperm for any reason other than intending to make a baby should be considered murder, just as pro-lifers consider abortion murder.”

“It stands to reason that if women aren’t allowed an abortion, men shouldn’t be allowed to ejaculate – unless conception is the intent.”

Ta’Come and his group have presented a proposal to the circuit court in Alabama, which lawmakers will consider when they reconvene next week.

Titled “Not one sperm left behind”, the proposal suggests:

  • No ejaculation at all unless conception is the intent. This includes masturbation.
  • Mandatory vasectomies for all men, which will be reversed at his cost when he intends to father a child.
  • The potential father must meet a variety of strict criteria to prove he will be a fit and proper parent who can provide for offspring, prior to his application being approved.
  • Ejaculation incidents where the man is not with a female intending to father a child will result in his prosecution. The man will face jail time and potentially capital punishment.
  • In the event of the man claiming involuntary ejaculation as his defense, he will need to prove this beyond reasonable doubt to the court.

The court is said to be considering the proposal carefully.

One lawmaker, who asked not to be named, told The Stuffed Herald, “Masturbation is a sin and men should be using discipline and control to avoid ejaculating unless absolutely necessary.”

“I support this proposal and will be happy to vote in favour of making it law.”

The court’s reaction to the proposal and whether they move forward with it is expected to be known in the coming weeks.

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