Following on from the controversies this week over his post on social media regarding people he declared were ‘going to hell’, Israel Folau has doubled down on his statements despite his career hanging in the balance.

Folau has been quoted as saying he will give up rugby “if that is what God wants” and that he believes God is in control of all things.

Now, an insider close to the man is saying that Folau is ready to hand his life completely over to the Lord God.

“He has truly seen the wisdom of the word of God, and now believes this was a divine intervention,” our insider told The Stuffed Herald.

“The game of rugby is a lucrative one, and Folau of course gives full credit for his skill to the Lord, for he knows the Lord wanted him to play sport professionally.”

“But now the game has changed. The players of rugby include fornicators, gamblers, drinkers of liquor and yes – even homosexuals. He feels he cannot play alongside such people.”

Our Herald asked the insider what this would mean for Folau’s decision-making moving forward.

“He will of course consult the Lord God before every decision, both big and small.”

“If he is considering purchasing a new home, he will consult with the Lord. Choosing a new career path? He will not decide until he has sought God’s approval.”

“Even if he is at a busy road intersection, trying to decide whether to turn to the left or right path, he will first pray to the Lord for guidance, because all roads lead to God.”

Our Herald pointed out that delaying too long at a road intersection could cause a hazard and breach driving laws, however our insider disagreed.

“The laws of God are higher than the laws of man, my son,” he argued. “Brother Folau knows this, which is why he will not back down from his comments.”

Folau was today given 48 hours to respond to the sanction he has been issued with by Rugby Australia. If he fails to respond, the matter will proceed to a code of conduct hearing, where his fate will be determined by the panel.

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