A militant vegan is outraged at footage released by the University of Michigan which shows a giant tarantula devouring a small opossum in the Peruvian Jungle.

Researchers were excited by the find and documented the encounter as part of their ongoing research into the wide variety of species living in the famous jungle.

Seeing a spider capture and eat a similarly-sized animal is rare, said one of the researchers.

An article discussing the event was published in the scholarly journal Amphibian and Reptile conservation.

Backlash on twitter

Although researchers were enthusiastic, the same cannot be said for one vegan.

Following the announcement, one twitter user has angrily tagged animal rights group PETA, expressing their outrage.

The user, Militant_Vegan, called for the spider to be brought “to justice”, ending the post with “death to all carnists!”

Militant vegan
Twitter user Militant_Vegan was unhappy with the opossum’s demise.


The University of Michigan was next in the firing line, with the same user firing off a second tweet condemning the institution for releasing the footage, calling them “sick and twisted.”

Militant vegan
The user condemned the University for their actions.

Peta’s thoughts on the tweets are not yet known.


Subset of militant vegans

While most vegans are harmless, there is a small minority who are particularly vocal about animal rights, to the degree where some of their expectations are considered unrealistic.

People belonging to this minority group have been reported to be particularly aggressive, particularly on social media, and are often referred to as militant vegans.

Some even wish to prevent other animals from eating animal products, going so far as to feed cats and dogs strict vegan diets.

PETA is one such group who promotes feeding cats and dogs “meatless diets”, claiming it is a healthy and safe alternative.

They also advocate for zero animal exploitation, including stopping people from having pets or interacting with animals at all.




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