Lime may appeal to the Human Rights Commission if councils do not immediately reinstate their permits to operate,  an insider says.

Auckland council decided to temporarily suspend Lime’s permit on Friday, following recurring safety issues with the scooters.

Dunedin council made a similar call on the same day.

A prompt on the Lime app now begs users to email the council and demand the decision be reversed.

Unfortunately for Lime, although Auckland council has so far received more than 4000 emails regarding the issue, not all of them are in support of the scooters.

“This is very unfair!” the Lime insider, who declined to be named, told The Stuffed Herald.

“A lot of people are lying about or exaggerating the extent of their injuries for attention.” they added.

When our Herald bought up the issue of the locking brakes, our source admitted they were stumped as to how to fix it. “We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!” they said.

Lime scooters may be permanently removed if safety issues aren’t resolved.

According to our source, Lime got the idea of appealing to the Human Rights Commission after following the unruly tourists saga.

One of those tourists initially told media his name was John Johnson, but it was later revealed he was known as Joe Doran.

He repeatedly threatened to take New Zealand to the Commission following intense public scrutiny of their movements.

“We think this is a great idea.” the insider told The Stuffed Herald.

“If you disagree with a decision or action, deny and ignore all culpability on your own part and cry ‘victim!’. We have the right to make money while taking no responsibility!”

When our Herald pointed out that this was a view unlikely to be shared by most New Zealanders, our source threatened to take The Stuffed Herald to the Human Rights Commission.

They also barred all staff from using Lime scooters, before abruptly ending the interview.

The Auckland and Dunedin councils had not provided comment at the time of publication.



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