Ametuer Justin Bieber impersonators have found themselves in hot water and owing more than 82k over their mediocre performances.

The two men, who were calling themselves B1 and B2, are understood to have started a company called UnBeliebable Productions using funds from several investors.

They advertised a “Convincing performance to satisfy the stanchest of Beliebers” and stated they were available for “..parties, celebrations, events, and anywhere you need someone to Beliebe in.”

The Justin Bieber wannabes were booked to play at a variety of events and functions, including a twelfth birthday party and a church fundraiser.

Clients say the two men, who were paid upfront, did not live up to expectations.


Birthday party blues

“If they’re Justin Bieber impersonators, I’m a Freddie Mercury impersonator.” Said one attendee of the birthday party.

The man described how the UnBeliebable Productions duo “ruined” the party.

“They showed up late and were really disorganised, didn’t even apologise or anything. It took them ages to set up.”

“When they finally started singing, they were awful. They didn’t sound remotely like Justin Bieber, and didn’t even dance.”

They were booked for a two-hour slot, but by the time they arrived and began performing a full hour had passed.

Despite the client asking them to stay for additional hour, the duo refused and in fact only performed for forty minutes before leaving.

When the adults attending the birthday party suggested UnBeliebable Productions refund part of the fee, they were abused and threatened.

Justin Bieber
Although they may look like Justin Bieber, this is where the similarity ends.
Photo credit: John Kirk-Anderson/Stuff

Drunk at a church fundraiser

The duo were booked to perform as entertainment during an annual fundraiser.

The church asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, however a spokesman agreed to give his first name only.

Pastor Father Jack described the disastrous event to our Herald.

“When they arrived, we could smell alcohol on them and they seemed aggressive.” He said.

“One of them had his fly open. When I informed him of this, he swore at me and told me it was a free country. Thank goodness there was nothing to see, as we had women and children present.”

“The other one said, ‘where’s the wine? You Catholics drink shitloads of it. We’re thirsty.’ I felt very intimidated.” lamented Father Jack.

The Pastor decided it would be best if he asked the duo to leave, as they were creating a scene.

This seemed to anger them further, and they made threats and used their cellphones to video event attendees before driving off, clipping a parked vehicle in the process.

Liquidation Unbeliebably quick

After trading for only a few months, UnBeliebable Productions has gone into voluntary liquidation, so far owing more than 82k to creditors, clients and businesses.

The Companies Office has received numerous complaints and claims and is investigating.

Clients who booked the liquidated company had similar complaints of rudeness, lateness, and poor performance that didn’t meet the advertised description. They are claiming for full refunds of the booking fees, which ranged between $800 – $1300.

Businesses, including a music store which provided equipment and a clothing store where the duo had an account, are collectively owed more than $10,000.

Inland Revenue is carrying out its own investigation and is also listed as a claimant, however the amount UnBeliebable Productions owes in taxes has not been disclosed.

Attempts to contact the duo have been unsuccessful, with the company issuing a statement that anyone approaching or photographing them will be reported to police for harassment.

The company said in the statement there would be another media release on Friday.


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