Rumors of a bounty on the heads of the unruly travellers appear to be true, The Stuffed Herald can confirm.

Our Herald was able to secure an exclusive interview with a man wishing to be known only as Winston, who is the owner of the mysterious Continental Hotel.

A bounty has been announced
      The mysterious Continental hotel


“Yes, we have received word of a bounty.” He said.

“Some independent contractors I am acquainted with have been discussing this offer, but nobody is particularly interested.”

Our Herald asked Winston what he thought might be behind the lack of interest.

“The offer is just too low. It’s so low it’s an insult.”

When asked what a more appropriate offer would be, Winston declined to go into details.

“Discussing such sensitive matters would be gauche. Suffice to say, the contractors I have the pleasure to know are seasoned professionals. As such, they should be offered a reasonable fee, in respect of their experience.”

“Such delicate work has costs involved, many costs.” Winston explained.

“There is travel, of course; and equipment. These contractors use highly specialised equipment which requires careful maintenance and upkeep.”

“If one is travelling, there is also the matter of suitable lodgings. These, again, involve cost. A mere Holiday Inn would not be at all appropriate.”

Our Herald asked Winston if there was any truth behind the rumor the services of Baba Yaga had been requested.

“I cannot confirm nor deny the existence any person going by such an alias, nor can I discuss any particular requests regarding that offer.”

“However, I will say that requesting a particular contractor is terribly discourteous, and an affront to the fine work this industry provides.”

“All offers should be made available to any contractor who wishes to accept.”

The unruly tourists have caused so much mayhem during their stay in New Zealand that not even airlines want to deal with them.

As our Herald was wrapping up the interview, he watched a slim man with dark hair stride across the lobby, and asked if that man was who he thought it was.

“I’m afraid I do not know. All of our guests demand the highest level of privacy and we do not use names.”

Following this final response, Winston apologised that he had no time for further questions, and our Herald was quickly but politely escorted to the street by an tall and imposing concierge.




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