As the government shutdown enters its third week, Donald Trump has tweeted he is prepared to use deadly force.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before it was captured in a screenshot.

Deadly force
 Trump appears to threaten deadly force in order to get his way

The shutdown is a result of a stalemate between Trump and the Democrats over the controversial border wall. Trump promised a wall during his 2016 Presidential campaign and remains determined to see it built.

Unable to secure funding for the build, Trump has refused to sign important bills appropriating funds for the upcoming fiscal year. As a result, nearly all Government operations have ground to a halt.

Many federal employees – estimated up to 800,000 – have been without income since the shutdown began on December 22.

Trump has already been quoted as saying he is prepared for the shutdown to “last weeks or years” or to declare a national emergency in order to get the funding for his wall.

Not afraid to come out swinging

The US President is no stranger to declaring “scrap’s on” in the face of opposition to his goals or to perceived injustice.

In September last year he ranted on Twitter about a book similar to his son’s getting published, revealing Donald Jnr’s version was repeatedly rejected.


deadly force
Trump is not afraid of declaring war on his opposition

The pressure for a resolution to end the shutdown continues to increase, but there is no sign one will come any time soon.

Questions continue to be raised about Trump’s state of mind, particularly following his long and rambling Cabinet meeting earlier this week where he talked about his security personnel, Kanye West, and his tv watching habits.

He also claimed to have a letter from Kim Jong Un; and displayed a poster in the middle of the room declaring “Sanctions are coming! November 4”, although he gave no explanation of its meaning.

Meanwhile, in response to an effort to fundraise for Trump’s border wall, other fundraisers are attempting to raise money to help immigrants get past the wall, which The Stuffed Herald has donated to.

Whether anything will come of Trump’s threats to use deadly force remain to be seen.


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