It has been yet another explosive week in politics, with four women anonymously coming forward to claim Jami-Lee Ross bullied and harassed them.
Now those women have released another revelation, speaking exclusively to The Stuffed Herald, stating Ross is also an eproctophile.

Eproctophilia is a fetish whereby the person derives sexual pleasure and arousal from flatulence.

Women forced to fart
Eproctophilia involves deriving sexual pleasure and arousal from flatulence.

Debate has raged back and forth over who is in the wrong, with a few people supporting Ross, while the majority of the National Party and its supporters appear to back Simon Bridges.

The women who previously spoke out against Ross have admitted that they were coerced by him into relationships which eventually became sexual in nature, and told The Stuffed Herald that he also was a fetishist.

His favourite fetish, they agree, was having them break wind in front of him, usually in his face or ear.

“Jami would tell me what to eat over the course of a day, so any gas buildup produced a stronger odour.” One woman told our Herald. “He favoured that sulphuric smell the most, the ‘rotten egg’ type that makes your eyes water.”

Another of the women explained, “He really liked those silent but deadly types. He was pleased when I could expel gas without making a sound.”

“One type he hated was squeakers. If the sound was squeaky, he would get really angry and fly into one of his rages.”

Women forced to fart
Ross liked strong odours but hated squeaky flatulence, the women claim.

These new revelations are likely to cause even further upset to the already shattered National Party, who are desperately trying to hold on to voter favour by slamming petrol prices and scoffing loudly over the claims Ross has made so far.

Maureen Pugh, who earlier this week acknowledged she was indeed “fucking useless”, agreed to give a statement to The Stuffed Herald regarding the women’s latest claims.

“Maybe I am fucking useless, but at least I’m not a sadistic asshole who gets off on sniffing farts.” she said.

National are yet to officially respond to these new claims.

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