Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular activity but some argue it may also be hazardous to your health, with many opponents calling for the devices and accessories to be regulated in much the same way as cigarettes, particularly the e-liquids.

Warnings emerged recently about a vape liquid, made by a Chinese company, which contains erection drugs in the ingredients. The report stated that involuntary erections could last up to two days.

Since the news went public, horror stories from unwitting vape fans have continued to grow. It seems the problem is widespread, and our Herald spoke to one such vaper about his harrowing experience.

The New Zealand man, who does not want his real name published, asked to be known only as Boris P.

Boris’ story started in Bondi Beach, Australia. He met another vaper who told him about an amazing new e-liquid that tasted great and produced maximum smoke.

“I love blowing big clouds,” said Boris to our Herald. “I was excited by the idea of blowing more than ever before.”

Boris P went with the mystery man to a small, nondescript shop where they purchased a large amount of the e-liquid. They then spent several hours vaping.

The following day, Boris suddenly gained an erection, but it didn’t feel right. After 24 hours the turgidity had not receded and Boris was becoming concerned, however he was embarrassed and reluctant to see a doctor.

“On top of the embarrassment I had no money left as I’d spent it all on the vape juice.” explained Boris. “I was due to fly home to New Zealand later that day anyway, so I hoped it would go away on its own.”

Boris was worried about his condition preventing him from boarding, so he put on tight underpants and bound his lower hips with wide elastic, he told The Stuffed Herald. The journey home was uncomfortable, with the bindings putting more pressure on his increasingly sensitive member.

By the time Boris got home, he had sustained the erection for more than two days, although he did not yet know what had caused it.

“When I got off the plane, it was becoming hard to walk normally. I needed some relief but couldn’t get it in the normal way, so I thought I’d have a vape instead.”

Boris had hoped having a vape would distract him from the pain, and for a short time it seemed to work.

However he was still too embarrassed to see a doctor and kept putting it off, vaping continuously in the meantime.
By the time he finally decided to see a doctor, a further two days after returning to New Zealand, he was in agony and hadn’t slept in over 18 hours.

The prognosis horrified Boris.

“The Doc took one look and shook his head. My penis had gone black and was festering. He called an ambulance and sent me to hospital straight away.”

Vaping may have hidden dangers
Boris P put off seeing a doctor about his embarrassing condition, with devastating results.

Boris was wheeled into emergency surgery immediately after his arrival, where surgeons worked to remove the dead tissue.

Ignoring a sustained erection can result in the organ having to be amputated, as a man from Tiawan discovered.

“I waited too long and lost the most important part of me as a result.” Boris lamented to our Herald. “I can never look at it again, because it’s not there. I have to piss through a tube.”

Tests carried out on the necrosed member and what was left of the e-liquid confirmed the presence of erection drugs.

When asked what warnings and advice he had for fellow vapers, Boris said, “Don’t go off with vape enthusiasts you don’t know, or buy from dodgy shops. Know what you’re vaping and do it in moderation.”

“And if something’s not right down below, it’s better to see a doc early and be embarrassed than be seen as a dickless wonder.”

“I’m never going to vape again. Warn everyone. I used to hate Gareth Morgan’s hardline stance on vaping, but now I see he’s right.”

Boris hopes to undergo further surgery to apply a prosthetic penis early next year. He still won’t be able to use it to be intimate with a partner, but it will make urinating easier.

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