In the latest installment of the White Women Calling Police on Black People saga, a white woman has called police on a black babysitter.

Corey Lewis had been out with his two charges, who happened to be white, when he noticed a white woman watching him.

The woman first confronted Mr Lewis in the parking lot of a Walmart, the Stuffed Herald understands. She asked the children if they were ok, before following him home – nearly an hour’s drive away.

She placed a 911 call and the police showed up quickly, questioning Mr Lewis aggressively.

Unconfirmed reports indicate they drew their firearms and threatened to shoot, following standard police procedure for dealing with an unknown person of colour.

Next they called the children’s parents to ask if they knew a black man had their children.

Investigations are ongoing to identify the mystery white woman, dubbed Babysitter Brandine, who is the latest in a string of white women who consider it their duty to closely monitor the activities of black people and promptly inform police.

Babyitter brandine white woman
we know the faces of BBQ Becky and Permit Patty, but who is Babysitter Brandine?

This year there have been a series of incidents where a white woman has observed a person who is black going about their business, felt threatened, and called the police to demand something be done.

Two notable examples of a white woman calling the police on black people are BBQ Becky, who was afraid of some people enjoying a BBQ at a public park; and Permit Patty, who was greatly affronted by a little girl selling bottled water.

Rumours are circulating that these white women are connected and part of an underground reporting ring.

They are said to have a sophisticated network of monitoring and tracking equipment so they can be aware of what black people are doing at all times.

“These women consider themselves to be on par with Anonymous, except they’re just a bunch of white women obsessed with what black people are doing.” Said an IT expert our herald spoke with.

“They’re not very smart, or skilled. They just have phones, equipment, a contact list full of other white women, and too much time on their hands.”

Rumours are their tagline is “expect us… to call the police.”

With the list of Things White Women Think Black People Shouldn’t Be Doing expanding rapidly, it’s anyone’s guess what reason the next white woman will have for calling the police on a black person.


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