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Women who spoke out claim Jami-Lee Ross is an Eproctophile

It has been yet another explosive week in politics, with four women anonymously coming forward to claim Jami-Lee Ross bullied and harassed them. Now those women have released another revelation, speaking exclusively to The Stuffed Herald, stating Ross is also an eproctophile. Eproctophilia is a fetish whereby the person derives sexual pleasure and arousal from flatulence. Debate has raged back and forth over who is in the wrong, with a few people supporting Ross, while the majority of the National Party and its supporters appear to back Simon Bridges. The women… Read More

Vape liquid caused the loss of my penis, says New Zealand man

Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular activity but some argue it may also be hazardous to your health, with many opponents calling for the devices and accessories to be regulated in much the same way as cigarettes, particularly the e-liquids. Warnings emerged recently about a vape liquid, made by a Chinese company, which contains erection drugs in the ingredients. The report stated that involuntary erections could last up to two days. Since the news went public, horror stories from unwitting vape fans have continued to grow. It seems the problem is widespread, and… Read More

Bridges is “definitely framing” Ross, insider says

The political world is in an uproar today following Simon Bridges’ announcement the person behind the spending leak has been identified, but an insider claims the accused is innocent. Following the conclusion of their internal investigation, National released a statement this afternoon at a press conference that their prime suspect is fellow MP Jami-Lee Ross. However Ross has hit back today with a series of tweets, warning his followers prior to the announcement that Bridges was going to “try and pin his leak inquiry on me.” He has followed the initial… Read More

White woman who called police on black babysitter may be part of underground reporting ring

In the latest installment of the White Women Calling Police on Black People saga, a white woman has called police on a black babysitter. Corey Lewis had been out with his two charges, who happened to be white, when he noticed a white woman watching him. The woman first confronted Mr Lewis in the parking lot of a Walmart, the Stuffed Herald understands. She asked the children if they were ok, before following him home – nearly an hour’s drive away. She placed a 911 call and the police showed… Read More

“Part of an underground fight club” real reason behind Hillcrest incident revealed

An insider claims the brawl outside the Hillcrest Branch of The Warehouse last Saturday was ‘legit’ and those involved are part of an underground fight club. An onlooker filmed part of the incident and uploaded it to social media. Since then, debate has raged over whether the reaction – allegedly due to a shoplifting attempt – was justified. In the wake of a second onlooker coming forward to defend the actions of the staff, Rob P* has spoken out to tell us the real story. “There’s this fight club that… Read More

Fuel companies undermining protest movement, claims whistleblower

In the wake of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s about-face regarding fuel prices on Monday, claims have emerged that fuel companies are resorting to spreading dissent in order to counter opposition to continued price hikes. Ardern came out swinging this week, putting the blame on fuel companies for skyrocketing prices and accusing them of ‘fleecing’ New Zealanders at the pump. This announcement came as a surprise to some, given her assertion last week that the rapidly rising prices wouldn’t hurt New Zealanders much because the Government was giving them an average… Read More

Z service stations will trespass anyone not buying fuel in wake of increasing unrest

Z service stations reportedly plan to deal with protest action by trespassing any person who enters or stands near a forecourt but does not buy fuel. On Friday night, a group of peaceful protesters in vehicles entered a Z service station in Christchurch, and parked in and around the forecourt. One of our heralds was there to witness the chain of events. “They planned to just chill and make their voices heard by being there as a united group. They weren’t being loud, rude or threatening. But all of a… Read More

Petrol may hit $4/ltr by Christmas: secret scheme revealed

Prepare your pockets – a source close to the inner circle of politics has revealed a secret plan to raise the at-pump cost of petrol to $4 a litre by Christmas. Our whistleblower, who has asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, works closely within the Labour party and decided to speak out today after the Prime Minister inferred New Zealander’s complaints about the rising costs were unjustified and unreasonable. Jacinda Ardern asserted this morning on Breakfast that “the increases they [low income families receiving family tax credits]… Read More