In the wake of the story this afternoon that a plane has dropped an unknown substance on a school, making many children ill, some 1080 opponents are convinced there was a more sinister agenda afoot.

Members of the anti-1080 group 1080 eyewitness have this afternoon been speculating that the cause of the children’s illness was a deliberate attack and that the substance may have contained 1080 poison.

“Its started, in the killing fields of nz..only incidents like these will make govt wake up” lamented one member.

“Scunitise [sic] their lies. You will never get the truth.This must be swept under the rug quick.” says another.

“The NZ government is guilty asf’k! This is a calculated drop, to piss someone off! This is payback!” asserts a third.

“Pretty coincidental that 1080 got dropped into our water ways as well and kids are getting sick. Watch this space.
Everyone should be very worried” predicts yet another member.

One particularly passionate member had a lot to say about the subject, first saying,

“it will be 1080 but, they will lie through their teeth and say the substance was not harmful. Come on people will the truth come out, i hope so, but then they are soooo used to lying to us, that they will not own up about the HUGE horrible mistake that they did [sic].”
They then went on to claim that “they always mix other substances in” and making an unclear reference to something being liquified.

Another commenter tried to question this but got nowhere.

A screenshot from the 1080 eyewitness public facebook group

We reached out to our contact at DoC to address the allegations and ask if 1080 or any substance containing the poison would ever be dropped near or over a school.

“Absolutely not! You know I can’t be identified for obvious reasons but I will say we need future pilots to continue aerial drops and so poisoning the next generation doesn’t make sense.”

What caused the children to become ill has yet to be confirmed by emergency services and investigators, with results unlikely to be released tonight.
Whether there was in fact a plane at all has also been questioned.

Meanwhile, rumors such as those promoted by 1080 opponents continue to abound.

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  1. Shaun September 22, 2018, 2:07 AM at 2:07 AM

    Children are pests and should be regulated

    Less children = less pollution


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