Fears are emerging that 1080 poison is not only ineffective against possums, but may in fact be causing mutations.

Hunting enthusiast and keen bushman Don Bilivmi has been travelling the country, monitoring possum behaviour and populations following 1080 drops.

“The pro-poisoners keep claiming that 1080 reduces possum populations where they drop but you can’t trust their data, so I’ve been conducting my own research.” explains Mr Bilivmi.

“Not only are they not actually dying, but they appear to be becoming more aggressive, growing larger, and their features are changing.” he said.

“My results indicate that the possums are actually immune to 1080, and not only that, it is causing mutations.”

Mr Bilivmi has provided several photos he claims prove the possums are mutating.

An aggressive possum following a 1080 drop.
Photo credit: Don Bilivmi

“Their eyes are a dark red colour and appear to glow slightly, and they display aggression through stance and by raiding nests. This is definitely not normal.” He insists.

An aggressive possum following a 1080 drop.
Photo credit: Don Bilivmi

When asked if nest predation is not actually normal possum behaviour, Mr Bilivmi adamantly disagreed.

“That’s just more pro-poisoner propaganda. Possums actually hardly raid nests at all, they actually stick to┬áinsects, berries and plants and only raid when they’re really hungry.”

A possum raiding a nest following a 1080 drop.
Photo credit: Don Blivimi.

“There is lots of other food during breeding season for them to eat, so it doesn’t make sense that they would raid nests.”

A possum raiding a nest following a 1080 drop.
Photo credit: Don Belivmi

Mr Bilivmi, like many other Ban 1080 activists, wants to see the use of the poison baits stopped as soon as possible and believes his evidence is yet more proof the treatment is doing more harm than good.

However he holds out little hope that the Government will be swayed by his research unless more people get on board with exposing the real effects.

In the meantime, he is determined to keep monitoring the possums and collecting data, and hopes to eventually have it published.

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  1. Bruce Bisset September 22, 2018, 12:58 PM at 12:58 PM

    why Don i believe thee? lol. trouble is, Kiwis don’t get satire. bet at least 10 people post this as if it were true.


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