Stefan Molyneux has allegedly weighed in on PM Jacinda Ardern’s announcement this afternoon that New Zealand will increase its refugee quota from 1000 people per year to 1500 by 2020.

In a screenshot provided to us this afternoon by a reader, Stefan Molyneux appears to claim in a tweet,

“New Zealand PM has announced they will take an extra 500 refugees a year. I told you so. Enjoy your #ShairaLaw.”

In a final jibe, perhaps in reference to his and comrade Lauren Southern’s unsuccessful attempts to speak in New Zealand earlier this year, he signs off with, “#LeftardsSuck”.

In the tweet appearing to come from Stefan Molyneux’s twitter account, he seems to claim the prediction made by himself and Lauren Southern is coming true.

Molyneux and Southern’s tour response following the cancellation of their event was “Hope you enjoy Shaira [law].”

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern made several attempts to speak in New Zealand, with their goal seemingly doomed from the beginning.

They managed to secure visas, only to have their initial venue back out citing “safety concerns”; while Auckland Mayor Phil Goff caused controversy and faced threats of legal action following his tweets that Council venues would not provide the pair a platform.

It seemed as if the dream was over, until an announcement was made that a new location had been secured under great secrecy and ticket holders would only be advised via email of the event shortly before it was scheduled to start.

This plan was also foiled when the new venue, Powerstation, found out who they were hosting and cancelled the contract at the eleventh hour, leaving Molyneux and Southern high and dry.

Claims the real reason was due to a bomb threat circled widely on social media, after a prank post made in a closed facebook group was leaked to right-wing supporters and fans of the duo.

Finally they faced off against journalist Paddy Gower in a heated debate about free speech, before fleeing the country having made financial losses but gaining widespread coverage and notoriety.

Whether Molyneux or Southern will offer further comment on the proposed increase to the refugee quota remains to be seen.
The featured tweet can no longer be found, and appears to have been removed since the image was sent to us.

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