How much of a life does long life milk really have?

Shelf stackers at Countdown Moorehouse Ave have been defying the best before dates on Meadow Fresh long life milk.
The discrepancy was first noticed at the end of July by Koku Ryu, who posted on the Countdown facebook page:
“Come on guys, this milk expired almost a month ago for some of it.”

old milk
How long does long life milk really last?

The admin for the supermarket’s page responded asking which branch it was so that the store manager could be advised and the issue rectified, and Mr Ryu confirmed the offending store soon after.

However, that exchange was only the beginning of a saga which has spanned almost 6 weeks, and unmasked what appears to be a dastardly plot to undermine the chain’s credibility.

One comment in response read, “Countdown – count on us to let customer service standards down!”

Mr Ryu then began to post regular photo updates, drawing interest from several regulars with every new development.
It appeared that the same cartons were being left on the shelf, despite claims that the store manager would address the issue.

On Sunday evening, Mr Ryu updated the post yet again, showing yet more milk well past its best before date.
The update prompted a suggestion that perhaps the shelf packers were leaving the expired stock out intentionally.

A source we spoke to who has previously worked as a shelf stacker agrees this is a possibility.

“Shelf stackers are underpaid and overworked, expected to get through an impossible amount of stock. They are punished if they are too slow.” he said.

“Workers sometimes rebel by deliberately leaving out old stock to cause customer complaints and draw attention to their plight. If they showed the scars they would cop it worse, so this is their only avenue.”

How much longer will the expired milk remain on the shelves? We await further response from Countdown.

Updated 11:02pm, 9 September 2018

How many times have you found expired product on a supermarket shelf, and which chains do you think are the worst offenders? Tell us in the comments!

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