Donald Trump has today declared a new war, this time against plagiarism.

In a recent tweet, Trump expresses outrage at the apparent hijacking of a book his son, Donald Trump Jr., has been attempting in vain to have published.

“…an almost identical book to be released, but not by my son! Plagiarists should be hung!” declares the tweet. Trump ends the mini-rant by asserting he intends to make the “travesty” a capital offense, before signing off with his trademark #MAGA.

Trump's ranting tweets are well known. This time it's plagiarism.
Will Trump succeed in pushing for capital punishment for acts of plagiarism? Or is it more of his usual bluster?

Trump’s sudden opposition to plagiarism may strike some as ironic, given the numerous scandals which have plagued him and his team since his presidency began in 2016.

These include allegations that Trump himself plagiarised sections from movie lines during his inaugural speech in 2016, and another claiming a coat of arms he was using as a logo for his golf properties and on merchandise actually belongs to another family; while his wife Melania has also been the subject of several plagiarism allegations, including claims she borrowed from several speeches and and statements made by Michelle Obama, and more recently regarding a booklet promoting ways to keep children safe; and even members of Trump’s staff have faced accusations¬†of not properly crediting their sources or misrepresenting the originality of the material.

No doubt Trump will find a way to blame this alleged act of plagiarism on media organisations.
The president is well known for attacking various press agencies, recently tweeting that they are “the enemy of the people”¬†following the criticism of a rent story published by CNN.

Amid long-standing criticism regarding Trump’s ongoing attacks against them, the Boston Globe earlier this month coordinated an organised response in protest, which saw over 300 U.S newspapers run editorials promoting the importance of freedom of the press.
In a further blow to Trump following the pushback by media outlets, the U.S Senate itself unanimously voted in support of continued free press and denouncing Trump’s claims that media organisations were an enemy of the state”.

It’s not yet known whether Trump’s claims have any basis of truth or if he will actually push for capital punishment for acts of plagiarism.

Here at GetSTUFFed NZ, we support freedom of the press but we also believe in giving credit where credit is due – however capital punishment seems to be a bit much.

What do you think? Is capital punishment an appropriate consequence for acts of plagiarism, or should Trump get stuffed?

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