Reports have come in that Jacinda Ardern has given birth to twins – a boy and a girl – late this morning at an unnamed private facility, after a 32 hour labour.

Previous scans had not picked up the second baby nor had a seperate heartbeat been detected at any time.
This is a rare occurrence today, but has been known to manifest even with regular pre-natal monitoring and care.

A nurse who was present at a facility has spoken to us in secret, asking to be referred to using the pseudonym Jane D.
Whispers are the birth of two babies instead of one is the least unusual event which occurred during and after the birth.

“The Prime Minister was doing really well, she had Clarke and her mum there to support her, and the birth was without complications.” Jane D explains.

“Once the babies were cleaned it was discovered they were both albino – at first we thought they were just coated in extra-thick vernix.”

Vernix is a waxy substance which protects the baby’s delicate skin while in the womb.
Albino births are exceedingly rare with 1 in every 17,000-20,000 babies born having some form of the genetic anomaly, and for twins to be born who are both albino even more so.

Even this revelation, though, was not as shocking as the next events.
“The attending obstetrician gave both babies the vitamin K shot. This procedure is quick and only hurts the babies for a moment.”

“However, when the obstetrician gave the wee girl her shot, she looked straight at him and seemed to frown; and suddenly the hem of his coat burst into flames!”

Nobody was hurt in what was deemed to be a freak accident, but everyone was shaken as the cause of the combustion could not be determined.

“I just don’t understand it!” says Jane. “There was nothing in that room which could have caused the coat to catch alight! Nothing! And the baby lay there and seemed to… growl. Like it was warning us to stay clear.”

When I asked Jane if there were any other unusual events she nodded.

“We sent Jacinda and her family through to the recovery suite so they could bond with the babies and so she could rest.”

“I was on the desk and looked up, and suddenly a man I didn’t recognise was walking into her suite. He looked like he had come from a costume party as he appeared to be dressed as a warlock or wizard.”

“He didn’t check in and so I got up to call out to him. He turned slightly and I caught a glimpse of his face… I could have sworn it was Willie Apiata.”

“I got up to follow him in, and heard him talking to the new family.” Jane continued. “He was saying something about a prophecy which foretold a battle to end all battles, between the light and the dark, between twins born in the year of the master number 11.”

Master numbers stem from numerology, which involves the adding of sets of numbers to generate another number which symbolises characteristics or predicts events to come.

“He then said the key to everything was a ring, which would form the centre of the battle. He told them it was hidden somewhere in the depths of Mount Tongariro.”

“He said that the twins would each go on their own quest for it, and whoever had possession of it would control the fate of the world…. he said something very strange. He repeated it, saying it was of the utmost importance.”

“One ring… one ring to rule them all.”

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